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Life on Foot: Camper at the Design Museum

Camper’s ‘Walking Society’ was used as the starting point for the spatial concept. The ‘Walking Society’ was intended as a cultural statement about life in the Mediterranean and the importance of walking. This idea of walking, and of travelling through the exhibition led to the creation of a raised folded ground plane, dissected by pathways creating a landscape through which visitors could wander. Conceived as a space for the modern Flaneur, moments of surprise and distractions were created to lead visitors through the space and reveal Camper’s stories.

The material inspiration came from Camper’s commitment to sustainability and from the use of recycled rubber tyres in the soles of their shoes. A recycled post consumer black rubber surface was chosen to clad the raised landscape that permeated the entire gallery space and provided the backdrop for the content and graphics.

Taking its cue from the ‘Walking Society’, the second part of the exhibition is a survey of the latest design research related to walking. Envisaged as a contemporary and speculative physical consideration of what life on foot will mean in the future as society responds to changing social, cultural and physical environments, the exhibition contained projects by artists, designers, and architects, all grappling with this theme but from different perspectives.

Overall, the exhibition landscape creates an uncompromising spatial and visual experience that encourages the visitors to wander, discover and speculate on the history of Camper and the future of walking.

Client: Design Museum/Camper
 Design Museum, London
Size: 534 sqm
Status: Completed 2015
Design Team: Jason Holley, Satoshi Isono, Samantha Leist
Collaborators: A Practice for Everyday Life
Photographer: Jill Tate