The Kitchen, Den Haag

The Kitchen is part of the newly opened De Bijenkorf store in Den Haag. The concept for the self service restaurant “The Kitchen” was developed through a number of principles –time allowance for each customer, the historical and current context of the famous building as well as referencing Dutch old master painter Johannes Vermeer.

The space is subtly divided into five zones that have differing moods and dining formats. Each dining area has been specifically lit and will change as the day shifts. The use of brick patternation, decorative glass & timber paneling references the adjacent buildings rich heritage with Vermeer inspired hues and tones.

The entrance threshold is formed of a delicate glass and metal façade. The use of varying textured glass panels creates a subtle, yet distinct reference to the buildings beautiful stained glass windows.

The dining spaces are planned over four distinct zones, the canteen, the café, the bar and the restaurant. Each offering a variety of seating options for groups, family, individuals & people of all ages. They surround the perimeter of the building, connected to the vast array of large windows, which form the buildings façade & provide great views out to the centre of Den Haag.

Client: De Bijenkorf
Location: De Haag, Netherlands
Size: 1172.sqm
Status: Completed July 2016
Design Team: Dania Abdel Samad, Ani Chepakova, Alexey Kostikov, Rich Ryan
Collaborators: Illumination Works
Photographer: Charles Hosea