Frieze London, 2015

Universal returned as Architects of Frieze London in 2015 for the second year running. Referencing the dimensions of the Fair and immediate context of Regents Park and Nash’s crescent, the Frieze sign was converted into an entry pavilion providing a sheltered entry from the park under the tree canopy.

The external entrance used the major building elements of Frieze: membrane, steel, board and aluminum to form a more ambiguous temporary structure.

The park was bought inside the fair by creating an entrance experience which was in dialogue with the tree canopy, framing and drawing attention to the transition between the Park and Frieze, and through the creation of windows within the restaurant areas that offer glimpses into the park. Planters were incorporated throughout the Fair which were a carefully curated arrangements of plants that directly reference the type of planting found in the park.

Also new for 2015 was a Reading Room, which showcased a wide range of arts publications and hosted live events throughout the Fair. In additional to this, Petersham Nurseries Restaurant was housed in the mezzanine level overlooking the Fair, with a bar area below.

The focus of the masterplan was to balance the overall experience so that the quality of the space matches that of the art work.

Client: Frieze
Size: 20,500 sqm
Status: Completed Oct 2015
Design Team: Richard McConkey, Rebecca White
Collaborators: Hattie Fox
Photography: Andrew Meredith