Mulberry Paris

The new retail concept for luxury British accessories brand Mulberry has been four years in development. Universal Design Studio now have more than one hundred global stores open or under construction including flagship stores in Paris, London, Manchester, New York, San francisco and Singapore.

The brand reported significant quarterly growth during the implementation of our concept. Responding to the brand’s core values, our concept and choice of materials is inspired by Mulberry’s heritage and roots in the Somerset landscape where they have been manufacturing premium luxury leather goods for over 40 years. The lighting tones in store shift to echo the seasonal and diurnal shifts of the British countryside.

The palette is largely built around limestones in varying tones and textures available from Somerset, untreated oaks and natural leathers with accents of brass to warm the palette and reference the products hardware. At the rear of the store the ‘Dressing Room’ area is carpeted in green referencing Mulberry’s fascination with the British countryside. The palette creates a warm, neutral and textured framework within which to showcase the often brightly coloured product.

Client: Mulberry
Size: 272 sqm
Status: Completed April 2015
Design Team: Elif Duztepe, Suzanna Gaballa, Stuart Mauger, Rich Ryan
Genevieve Bennett
Photographer: Kirsten Pelou