Strange Beauty at The National Gallery

Universal Design Studio were commissioned by the National Gallery to design the Strange Beauty Exhibition. The collection-based exhibition in the Sainsbury Wing exhibition galleries presented a fresh look at German Renaissance painting. It asked new questions about the striking changes in the ways these works were perceived in their time, in the recent past, and how they are seen today.

The exhibition focused on some of the best-known artists of the period whose work is represented in the Gallery’s collection, including Hans Holbein the Younger, Albrecht Dürer and Lucas Cranach the Elder. All famous artists in their own time, the exhibition highlighted the ways in which their paintings, drawings and prints were valued in the sixteenth century for qualities such as expression and inventiveness but it also examined the mixed reception German Renaissance art has subsequently received in the context of the formation of the National Gallery collection.

Client: National Gallery
Location: London
Size: 490 sqm
Status: Completed Feb 2014
Design Team: Jason Holley, Leslie Michie